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Huntington Beach based Advertising Agency for Radio, Television and Print

our story

Open the flood gates and take a fresh look at the way you create new business. Rio Media specializes in building an intimate relationship with your business and target customer. Our unique approach utilizes cutting edge creative to deliver results and solidify your buiness as a superior choice in the mind of your customer. We take direct response in a new direction!






When we started Rio Media we had 2 main objectives...​

First, is to give our clients targeted solutions that lead to results.


Many marketing firms have run-of-the-mill advertising.  What we've found is that not many have run successful campaigns. Just running an ad could prompt a few calls and stir up a little business but to truly have long term success and create brand recognition you need to align all of your marketing efforts to create a single comprehensive campaign. This focus eliminates mixed messages and clearly highlights brand position. A single message helps your brand to be easily identied in the marketplace. At Rio Media we do not run ads we run campaigns.


​Secondly, is to create ads and campaigns that are Fresh, Exciting and Effective.


Effective advertising helps people receive a specific message about a business, causes the customer to think of how the product can benefit their lives, and builds trust in the products and services. A potential customer has a combination of Sensory, Rational and Emotional connections with a brand before a purchase is made, be it a phone call to a referral service or simply creating long term relationships with recurring customers. These key response triggers must be consistent throughout every medium that you use to get in touch with potential clients. When people see or hear anything about your business it should always maintain the same look and feel.  A consistent message creates the need to take action.  A reaction all businesses want, an eager client ready to buy.


We use these two guidelines in every campaign that we create. Rio Media has helped many businesses in a variety of categories successfully grow brand recognition, market share and most importantly profits.


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